Current bachelor thesis and master thesis biology topics

Do you wonder what current bachelor thesis biology topics currently exist? You may doubt that you will find a topic because biology is not as popular as other disciplines such as tourism and IT, for example. But you will soon learn that there are many biology topics that are currently current, so you need not fear the bachelor’s thesis in biology. Subjects for a bachelor’s thesis in biology are also included in this article.

Above all, you ensure that your Bachelor’s degree in biology helps you in your professional life. It does not make much sense to write a bachelor thesis if it does not help you. You will feel demotivated and disappointed. You can hire a ghostwriter for the bachelor thesis to help you choose the topic. Finding a topic is even more important if you are planning to complete a master’s degree and write a master’s thesis in biology. Master Thesis Topics are even more complicated than Bachelor theses in Biology because this degree is simply higher and it is assumed that you have studied biology over a longer period of time and should be able to show good academic and professional knowledge and knowledge.

Here are some recommended topics:

  • Explore cloning research using stem cell research.
  • Discuss the ethics of cloning and stem cell research, as well as their potential impact on society.

The recent disappearance of honeybees has made us think about its causes. Explore possible explanations for this modern phenomenon.

Research the relationship between cancer and physical / emotional / mental stress.

Explore the causes of transgender people. For example, is there a mis-coding in DNA that causes them to be born as a different biological gender than what they feel?

Research the effectiveness of currently used methods to reverse the signs of aging.

Explore how our exposure to certain bacteria can help support or reduce the effectiveness of our immune system.

Explore how heart rate-enhancing stimulants affect your overall heart health. (increase / decrease the risk of heart attack etc.)

Research methods for the production of artificial red and white blood cells.

The increasingly popular “detox diet” is a diet in which one only eats and drinks certain fruits and vegetables. What are the health effects or benefits of eating this way?

Explore adaptation methods used by animals when taken outside their natural habitat. For example, flamingos in suburban lakes.

Research the efficacy of natural remedies such as oils, herbs and spices.

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